in the book the absolute True dairy of a part time indian written by Sherman Alexie who  went through the events in the book. Junior who is the main Character is presented as an Outsider in several different times in the book.  i will wriabout the reservation

My life started in 2004/01/15 and I was born in London. I had a lovely great time in London. After a while like 10 years  later My father said we gotta go to Morocco. It was great fun their we had to go to Beaches because of the heat. In Morocco there’s a lots of […]

hola me llamo sofian soy once anos me compleianos es el quince de onero soy ingles vivo in londres hablas ingles y espanol y arabia y francia

Sometimes I find school difficult because I get into trouble. Once I was on the stairs and Mr Knight caught me doing something wrong that I should not have done. That made me feel sad ? and scared because people have done the same thing but they don’t getting into trouble. And I feel sorry […]

Hi,my name is sofian I born in 15/01/2004 I was born in London. After years I went to Morocco. I’ve stod  down there for a while and then I came  back to London In this summer holidays. So at the start I were dead at english. After three months my English started to be good […]

Once upon time there were a knight who’ve got one boy and a girl. The boy called John.  One day little John get angry he was angry seriously. And then his father was trying to help him, but the little John can’t stop. So what happened  little John went to his mother and he ask […]

Hero: I think he maybe a hero If he save a day or people from danger I am still thinking if he could or couldn’t be a hero I am confused ?

 Beowulf and King hrothgar are hunting grendel’s mother. In my opinion I think the quotation is  hunting grendel’s mother I think that the king hrothgar is with his own army and the hero Beowulf is alone so I think they are ready to fight grendel’s mother. So I watch a Beowulf movie ? that Beowulf is […]

The lesson that we did have today we were reading ? the poem what I did exactly understand I mean in my opinion the king hrothgar was praying when he finished he called his horse ? and he gets his army and they did go to grendel’s mother. But the interesting sentence that’s impressed everyone […]

the gap of danger were the demon waits